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Grading System



Grading Scheme


(1) Duration of course unit:

Y = 1 academic year

1S= 1 semester


(2) Assessment is made in accordance with the following scheme:

The student’s final grade in a specific course is based on the summed total of the scores collected by him/her as a result of participating in various activities (lecture, seminar, practical training, and laboratory exercises) as well as on the scores obtained through the mid-term and final exams.


(3) ECTS credits:

The maximum number of academic credits collected within 1 academic year equals 65 ECTS (whereas the total number of credits collected during the final year of the study cannot exceed 70).



The first cycle: Bachelor’s degree program – 240 ECTS

The second cycle: Master’s degree program – 120 ECTS

The third cycle: Doctorate –180 ECTS


(4) No ECTS credits are awarded for course attendance only.


Order of the Rector of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, N01/01-01 dated January 23, 2012, concerning the calculation of the average score of students/graduates

Rules for Calculating Student/Graduate Grade Point Average (GPA)

Amendments to the order N01/01-01