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About TSSG

➢ History


TSU Student Self-Governance was founded on 8 May, 2006. The organization represents the student union existing at the University, that organizes various cultural, sport and educational events. In addition, the union performs as a mediator during the student-administration relations. The delegates of union are elected through free and democratic elections in every 2 years. Every student of Tbilisi State University (regardless of their faculty, program or level) has as active as passive suffrage.


Student Self-Governance unites 8 faculties and 5 central departments. Membership of the union is free for any student of Tbilisi State University regardless of their faculty, program or level. Nowadays, there are just over 700 members in the student union.

The seventh convocation board of Student Self-Governance was elected on 16 November, 2018.


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➢ Our Team




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