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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University recently established the Position of Student Ombudsman. Martin Piacenza has been appointed as Student Ombudsman.

The Student Ombudsman’s duties are to protect the Constitutional rights of a student to receive an education at TSU. The Student Ombudsman is tasked to protect a student’s constitutional right to receive an education and choose its form, as well as other rights and freedoms related to this right.

The main goal of the Student Ombudsman is to expose violations and restrictions of students' rights and freedoms at TSU by responding in accordance with legal regulations and submitting recommendations to the University to ensure the protection and full implementation of students’ rights and freedoms. The Student Ombudsman acts as mediator in conflicting relations between parties, in cases where there may be violations of the rules and restrictions of students' rights and freedoms.


Student Ombudsman
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