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Presentation of Targeted Research Projects of TSU Faculty of Economics and Business

A presentation of targeted research projects was held at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) on December 16. The event was organized by TSU Faculty of Economics and Business and Rector George Sharvashidze, Faculty Dean Giorgi Gaganidze, academics and students attended it.


Two targeted research projects were implemented at the faculty in the direction of business administration in 2020: “Assessment of TSU competitiveness based on researching the attitudes of aspiring students” (after the example of educational programs of the Faculty of Economics and Business)” and “Factor productivity of small business and export opportunities in Georgia.”


Rector George Sharvashidze noted that despite the coronavirus pandemic, TSU is actively carrying out its research activities. “We have chosen a correct strategy. The development in the country starts with staff training at the university. Therefore, we will have a lot of novelties from the new academic year. A system of special encouragement projects, grants is being developed and it will be introduced from January to encourage professors, publications, research and so on,” the Rector added.


Dean of the TSU Faculty of Economics and Business, Giorgi Gaganidze said that similar work should be done not only in the country, but throughout the region as well. The research projects were implemented within the framework of the faculty’s annual research grant financing.