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Diversity in Reality: Working with Ethnic Minorities in Ukraine, Georgia and Germany

On November 30, 2021, the project “Diversity in Reality: Working with Ethnic Minorities in Ukraine, Georgia and Germany” was completed. The project was organized by the Moldova Institute of Leipzig (Germany), Institute of Cultural Studies, Ivane Javakishvili Tbilisi State University, YuriiFedkovychChernivtsi National University (Ukraine), with the financial support of the foundation “Memory, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ) and Foreign Ministry of Germany.

Students and young researchers from Georgia traveled to the municipalities of Tsalka, Akhalkalaki and Akhaltsikhe, the city of Kutaisi; visited villages Kulashiand Bandzain Samtredia and Martvili municipalities, familiarized with the multicultural legacy of Tbilisi. Their goal was to understand what does it mean to be a minority in Georgia; what are the challenges faced by the representatives of ethnic and religious groups and how do they see their perspective as citizens of Georgia. Diversity, in reality, turned out to be more interesting and multifaceted than expected. Participants of the project - young people with different ethnic backgrounds, shared their experiences with each other.

The results of the working process were reflected in the film prepared by project participants.

The film could be assessed on the following link.