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VISEGRAD+ Meeting in Brno

On April 4-7, 2022, representatives of Tbilisi State University visited Brno, Czech Republic to participate in the workshops of a project funded by the VISEGRAD+ Grant Fund (Sharing the competence and experience of V4 for knowledge and technology transfer) aimed at transferring knowledge and technology.

During the visit, participants visited the Masaryk University Technology Transfer Center, South Moravian Innovation Center, and had meetings with Quality Assurance Officers.

The main goal of the project, based on the successful experience of Visegrad partner countries, is to introduce research and development (R&D) practices in medium and small business in Georgia and Armenia, to promote the connection of academic / research and business infrastructure, and to develop a concept of cooperation between them.

Tbilisi State University is implementing the European Commission-funded project "Strenghtening the Quality and Relevance of Third Mission in Georgian Universities - SQUARE", the goals and activities of which are interesting for the above mentioned project. Irma Grdzelidze, as the SQUARE project coordinator, shared information about the project results with the participants.