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TSU Hosts Workshop by Polish Nuclear Physicists

A group of leading scientists from Poland’s National Center for Nuclear Research visited Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University to hold a joint workshop.

Rector of Tbilisi State University, George Sharvashidze said that Polish and Georgian scientists discussed the scientific programs that will become the basis for joint research and European grant projects in the future. “We had an interesting discussion. We are already involved in joint projects implemented in the field; however, there are a lot of fields, where it is possible to further boost cooperation and engage young scientists. Therefore, I welcome the visit of our Polish guests and hope to have fruitful meetings.”

Professor Krzysztof Kurek, Director General of the National Center for Nuclear Research, said that the Center is actively collaborating with the world’s leading institutions. He said he was glad to implement new projects with Tbilisi State University, adding that they have a lot of common interests, spheres where joint research can be conducted.

Georgian scientists working in the field of nuclear physics also participated in the workshop.

Ramaz Kvatadze, Executive Director of Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association, said Tbilisi State University and National Center for Nuclear Research will participate in joint NATO programs in the future. “The Polish side was the first to show interest. They are conducting a broad variety of research works not only in nuclear physics, but also in medicine. We intend to participate in the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme. Huge attention will be paid to cyber security. We have to do laborious work and due to this, our collaboration will be very important.”

The visit of Polish physicists to Georgia will last till November 11. They will also visit several research institutions. The National Center for Nuclear Research is involved in many international research projects, including KM3NeT and NICA/MPD projects. Tbilisi State University also participates in these projects.  The Center’s fundamental/applied research profile combines nuclear power-related studies with various fields of sub-atomic physics (elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, hot plasma physics etc.). Major market products manufactured in the Center include radiopharmaceuticals and a range of particle accelerators for science, various industry sectors and medicine.