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Jaba Samushia Meets with TSU Envoy 2023 Participants

The TSU Envoy 2023 project has been launched at Tbilisi State University (TSU) to introduce the practice of volunteering among students and to develop non-formal education. The Rector of TSU, Jaba Samushia met with the students participating in the project and wished them success in their future activities.

“You have a very important mission, because you represent the university with one of the oldest traditions in Eastern Europe, which both created a higher school and laid the foundation for the development of science in Georgia. You can speak on behalf of Tbilisi State University, because this university belongs first and foremost to the students,” Rector Samushia said at the meeting with the students.

TSU Envoy is the project implemented by TSU Junior (Children’s University) and it is aimed at enabling BA, MA and PhD students to hold information meetings about the university’s educational programs and student life at their home schools. The project has already reached 11 years of implementation and more than 5,000 students have participated in it. This year, about 400 students have expressed their desire to participate in the project.

For the past three years, the project has been implemented in cooperation with the TSU Student Service and Career Development Center. This is an additional opportunity for the participating students, as they have access to a variety of activities that promote their professional and career development. The project responds to the needs defined by the third mission of the University and contributes to the development of society.

Students participating in the project will have the opportunity, if they wish, to participate in such important trainings as: Career Management Course; Teamwork and Problem Solving; Project Writing.

As part of the project, the students will receive the necessary training in presentation skills, after which they will visit their home schools from the second half of February and share their university experience with senior students.