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Encyclopedia of Tbilisi State University

The Encyclopedia of Tbilisi State University is being created on the initiative of TSU Rector Jaba Samushia. The encyclopedia will be published in four volumes and the TSU scientists, researchers, museum and library workers will work on it.

TSU Rector Jaba Samushia presented the initiative to the members of the university community and said that an editorial commission would be formed to work on the publication of the four-volume book. He also noted that “the history of Tbilisi State University and the history of Georgia in the 20th century are closely intertwined. Therefore, the encyclopedia will be an important material for researchers and an interesting book for every reader. The book will unite all the facts, events, faces, and names, which are connected with Tbilisi State University and which are largely determined by the history of our country. It will gather little known or completely unknown and unstudied materials stored in museums, libraries, research institutes and faculties of TSU.”

Together with the encyclopedia, a separate edition of the history of TSU is planned to be published and presented to the students of Tbilisi State University. According to TSU Rector Jaba Samushia, Tbilisi State University has been determining the development of science and education in the country for more than a century. On the one hand, this initiative will acquaint the students of TSU with the idea of creation and existence of the university, and at the same time with the achievements of those people who remain praiseworthy for the country.