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Cooperation between TSU and Teikyo University of Japan

TSU Deputy Rector Nino Okribelashvili, Japanese Ambassador to Georgia, Imamura Akira, Professor at Teikyo University (Japan), Kazuya Yamauchi and Head of TSU Foreign Relations Department Tea Gergedava discussed the issue of expanding cooperation between Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and Japanese universities.

“Internationalization of science and educational process is important for TSU. Accordingly, the university has numerous international connections, among others, with Japan. We have discussed new opportunities. We are trying to find new points of contact that are in the interests of both sides,” Deputy Rector Nino Okribelashvili said.

Japanese Ambassador Imamura Akira hailed the existence of research programs with TSU as “interesting and important.” He noted that this time, the participants focused on archeology and cultural heritage. Ambassador Akira expressed hope that the meeting would promote further cooperation and experience sharing.

While at the TSU students’ archaeological practice base on Grakliani Hill, Professor Kazuya Yamamuchi familiarized himself with the artifacts discovered on Grakliani Hill; he also visited the Museum of Archeology and spoke about the possibility of expanding cooperation in the field of archeology. He stressed that the Grakliani archaeological base was an excellent opportunity for both students and researchers and expressed hope for expanding bilateral ties.

Professor Vakhtang Licheli, head of the TSU Institute of Archaeology, briefed the Japanese Professor on new discoveries of the Grakliani Hill. Professor Licheli said that Kazuya Yamamuchi showed interest in the ongoing archaeological work on the first terrace, which was launched with the support of TSU and the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia. “These works will allow us, for the first time in the history of Georgia, to study the process of urbanization of local cities of the 5th-4th centuries BC,” Vakhtang Lichel said.

A memorandum of cooperation between TSU and Teikyo University was signed in 2019; however, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the planned activities could not take place. Tea Gergedava, head of the Foreign Relations Department of TSU, spoke about new prospects of cooperation between the two universities. She said that “at the meeting with Japanese Ambassador Imamura Akira and Director of the Institute for Cultural Properties of Teikyo University, Professor Kazuya Yamamuchi, new details of cooperation in the field of archeology were planned, such as exchange of students, participation in a joint archaeological expedition to Kyrgyzstan. Also, the Japanese side is going to hold workshops at TSU. All this will open other areas of cooperation as well.”