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VII International Scientific Conference on “Prospects of Developing Georgian-Ossetian Relations”

On 13-15 October, 2021  VII International Scientific Conference on “Prospects of Developing Georgian-Ossetian Relations” will be organized by the Scientific-Research Centre of Georgian-Ossetian Relations at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

VII International Scientific Conference is dedicated to Ioane Ialguzidze (Gabrajev), creator of the Ossetian alphabet, scholar and poet. The person who knew Georgian and Ossetian languages very well and was a researcher. He contributed significantly to the development of Georgian-Ossetian literary relations.   

Plenary Session:
Ioane Ialghuzidze (Gabarajev) and his contribution to the Georgian-Ossetian scholarly activities.

The conference will host 6 different sections and the Round Table for students and young scientists:
1. Literary studies, linguistics, lexicology;
2. Study of folklore, ethnology, history, archaeology;
3. Philosophy, ethics, religion;
4. Culture and art;
5. Interdisciplinary researches;
6. Mass media and mass communication.

The goal of the Conference
The goal of the international scientific conference on “Prospects of Developing Georgian-Ossetian Relations” is to facilitate advancing the Georgian-Ossetian relations to the new stage and to promote modern interdisciplinary researches.

Scientists, young researchers, representatives of the Government and non-governmental organizations, representatives of international organizations, conflictologists, experts, researchers of humanitarian and social-political sciences will attend and participate in the conference.    

Subject areas:
Folklore, Literature, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Religion, Archaeology, Ethnology, Cultural Studies, Art studies, Conflicts, Media, and Migration.    

Conference languages:
Georgian, Ossetian, English, Russian

Time limits:
Presentation – 15 minutes
Discussion – 10 min

Format of Participation in the Conference:
Presenting in person/no presence
To participate in the Conference, please, send the Application Form and a thesis before 10 September 2021 to the following e-mail address: HYPERLINK ""


The Tentative Program of the Conference:
12  October – Arrival/meeting of the guests
13 October  - Conference opening, welcome speeches, Opening of the exhibition ‘From the history of Georgian-Ossetian Relations”
Plenary session;
Working in sections:
14 October – Working in sections; Visiting the ethnographic museum: the Ossetian House;
15 October - Cultural Program: Excursion in Kakheti to attend the folk festival Kostaoba (Village Areshferani, Lagodekhi District)
16 October – Seeing off the guests.

Rule of submission theses:
Font: Sylfaen, Times New Roman
Size:    12
Space: 1,5
Length: maximum 1 page (250 words)

Abstracts will be sent for review to the Conference Organizing Committee. You will be informed about including your thesis in the Conference Program on September 20, 2021.
Registration is free for conference presenters.
The Conference theses and presentations made at the conference will be published.

Contact details of the Organizing Committee:   

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Scientific-Research Center of Georgian-Ossetian Relations, Tbilisi, 55 Ketevan Tsamebuli Street, Room N 115.

Contact Person: Naira Bepiev

Tel.:  +995 599 10 11 64  

Email:  HYPERLINK ""