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TSU Hosts Presentation of Two Books – “Essays from the History of Georgia” and “Historical Research”

“In the Georgian historiography of the last 20-30 years, many things are related to the name of Jaba Samushia. Still very young, TSU student published “History of Georgian Diplomacy,” which immediately became a textbook; he found a unique inscription in Oshki. His monographs dedicated to different periods and topics of Georgian history are very important as they analyze many known or unknown developments. Each stage of Jaba Samushia’s life is linked with Tbilisi State University; he is a genuine member of the university,” - this is how Vice President of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia, Academician Roin Metreveli presented Acting Rector of TSU, Jaba Samushia at the presentation of his books “Essays from the History of Georgia” and “Historical Research.”

TSU professors, students, President of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia, Giorgi Kvesitadze and members of the Academy of Sciences, Rector of Georgian Technical University, Davit Gurgenidze, Rector of Tbilisi State Medical University Zurab Vadachkoria, Rector of Ilia State University Nino Doborjginidze, and the invited guests attended the presentation of Jaba Samushia’s books.  

Nana Gaprindashvili, Dean of the TSU Faculty of Humanities, said that the monographs presented by the Acting Rector give answers to “the most important questions about Georgian history. "These books are a huge acquisition for our historiographical science, which will be used by our students, professors, and broad public. The skills acquired by Jaba Samushia through his multiyear work at TSU have been used in his monographs. These works perfectly combine the teaching, learning and research components.”

“The topics of these books are quite diverse. They discuss a broad range of issues related to Georgian history, among them the problems of the Middle Ages, the issues of historiography, historical geography, history of medicine. Several articles are dedicated to the important problems of recent history. The books are intended for a wide range of readers, for those people who are interested in the past of our country,” Jaba Samushia, the author of the monographs, noted.

The book “Essays from the History of Georgia” published by Palitra L Publishing provides information about the establishment and development of Tbilisi, the confrontation between the royal court and unruly feudal lords, the status of Davit Agmashenebeli before his enthronement, the political situation in the era of Tamar and her successors, the plague epidemic in the early 19th century, Georgia and the West from the time of Alexander the Great to the beginning of the 20th century, the relationship between the Georgian church and the state during the First Republic, etc.

The book “Historical Research” published by the National Center of Manuscripts provides information about the relationship between Byzantium and Georgia, the rule of enthronement in the era of Tamar and Davit, the population of Tbilisi in the late Middle Ages, the study of “Turkish Georgia” by Ekvtime Takaishvili, existence of the idea of ​​the Caucasus in the 20-30s of the 20th century, etc.