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Seminar by Davit Magradze “Fertile Land”

A scientific seminar dedicated to Davit Magradze’s poem “Fertile Land” was held at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University on December 29. Georgian writers and literary critics discussed the work in an online format.

The poem was translated into Russian, English, Italian, Swedish languages and it entailed critical and aesthetic feedback in both Georgia and European countries.

“The poem “Fertile Land” is an important work in many respects, especially as it gained huge recognition in a very short period of time that, first of all, is Georgia’s victory, popularization of the country and personally, Dato Magradze as the author and the poet,” Rector of TSU, George Sharvashidze said.

Georgian writer, Rostom Chkheidze, Director of TSU Institute of Literature, Irma Ratiani and writer Paata Chkheidze spoke about Magradze’s poem. Reviews of linguists and translators were also presented.

The seminar was symbolically held in auditorium No.93, where student literary events, discussions of young writers were held since 1947, where then less known and now famous writers and poets were presenting their works to the public and taking their first steps in writing.

“Like a copyist from Federico Fellini’s Orchestra Rehearsal believes that their concert hall has the best acoustics worldwide, I have the same feeling – the words uttered in this auditorium will be heard globally. God created a human being; the state created a citizen; the poetry has a mission to save a human being in a citizen and my book is just dedicated to this spirit,” Davit Magradze noted.

In October 2020, the Silver Wyvern was awarded to Georgian poet Davit Magradze for his “Fertile Land” at an annual awards ceremony by Poetry on the Lake and UNESCO in Orta San Giulio.