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Saarland University (Germany) Scholarships for TSU Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students

Competition for TSU Undergraduate, Master's and Doctoral Studies for Scholarship for the Scholarships of the University of Saarland University (Germany) is announced for the spring semester of 2018/2019.

Students of I, II, III, IV and V Semester I, II, III, IV, V Semester III, IV, V, VI Semester, Master's I and II Semester and PhD students who have at least B2 level are eligible to participate in the competition. In case of ignorance of the German language, in exceptional form, the competition is valid only and accurately English-speaking PhD students of the Faculty of Theology).

1.Multipation Training Scholarship (BA / MA):

• Mobility duration: one semester (minimum three months)

• Scholarship duration: three months

• Scholarship: 650 EUR (monthly)

2. Summer Language Courses (August and September) (BA / MA):

• Mobility duration: maximum one month

• Duration of scholarship: one month

• Scholarship: 400 euros and free living

3.Law Research Scholarships (PhD)

• Duration of scholarship: two weeks

• Scholarship: 200 euros and free living

Scholarship Selection Process:

• Examination of documents (Tbilisi State University)

• Interview with the Qualification Commission (Tbilisi State University)

Interested students should be registered in the electronic registration system -

Upload a complete list of the application documents (in the PDF format) and submit the application till 16:00 pm till 27 December!

List of application documents:

•copy of passport;

• CV European format (in English / German);

• Certificate of Student status (translated into English and notarized);

• Extract of Marks (translated in English and notarially certified by GPA);

• Motivation letter (in German or English);

• One recommendation (Recommendation is presented by the referee indicated by the student by the referee by the applicant in the electronic registration system by sending the questionnaire automatically sent to the recommendant's e-mail address indicated by the contestant and the recommendation should be sent along with other documents to the deadline);

• Document certifying German or English language (TIU Institutional Test result / certificate - October 9, 2018 or International Certificate (B2) level over the last 2 years);

• Complete Study Agreement (Check out the Desired Hosted University Web site, please list a list of the desired subjects (at least 20 credits), consult your Quality Assurance Service at the Faculty Quality Assurance Service and only after that fill the document (filled up only on the first page) after completion And Ph ltetis Quality Assurance Representative signature / seal documents are required for only a semester scholarship for students interested in the application) Appendix 1;

• Letter of interest from host University (official letter is not mandatory, it is enough to receive consent from the host University for only doctoral students);

• Diploma and diploma attachment (for students with MA and doctoral students).

More information:

- Selected scholars have to pay for international travel and travel insurance costs themselves!

In case of additional questions, please contact us via email:;

If you find technical problems in the process of registration or application fill up, please contact us by email. Mail address:;

-After submitting the application, the applicants must receive the confirmation sender, otherwise the application will not be accepted;

- According to paragraph 4 of article 492 of the Law of Georgia on Higher Education, it is inadmissible to suspend student status for the student participating in the exchange program. The student participating in the semester mobility program is enrolled in his native university as an active student and accordingly, the student must pass the administrative registration in every semester!