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“Autumn Legend 2022” – Improvisation Round

“A neighbor” – it was the topic selected by the jury for the contestants of the final, improvisation round of a student literary competition Autumn Legend 2022. The contestants had 12 hours to write their essays. Nine finalists selected through the first round organized by Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, as well as the winner of the Legend’s subproject “Writing Architecture” participated in the improvisation round.

Acting Rector of TSU, Jaba Samushia wished the contestants success and noted that a lot of young people who later became famous writers had participated in the contest. “The project is important because it represents a certain way, a bridge for young generations to great writing. Naturally, the existence of such projects is important for the development of Georgian writing and literature. The jury offered the contestants a very interesting topic, around which they created their works,” Acting Rector Jaba Samushia noted.

Alongside Dato Turashvili, Teona Dolenjashvili and Maka Ldokonen, two new members – writer Archil Kikodze and Rusudan Rukhadze – also make up the jury this year. The winner of the 2021 competition, Mariam Kavtaradze is also part of the jury.

“Obviously, the topic of the current competition ‘Neighbor’ will not be the title of our future stories, it will just be the topic. So, students can present a specific character and a country as a neighbor, even jump into space, and make a planet a neighbor. Most importantly, the students really liked this topic. As for our competition – due to the efforts of those people who love literature, this competition continues and our family, the family of Legend participants is further expanding,” writer Maka Ldokonen said.

The competition Autumn Legend has a history of 14 years. This year, Schuchmann Wines Georgia hosted the competition. Three winners will be revealed by the end of November, and they will receive cash prizes at GEL 1 000, GEL 700 and GEL 500 from Tbilisi State University, as well as special prizes of the competition. Up to 300 students participated in the selection round and 10 finalists moved to the next round.

“I wanted to participate in the Autumn Legend for a long time, and I dared for the first time. I am so happy to be here. I think this project opens a lot of opportunities to beginning authors and it is very important, especially for students. The topic of the competition is very interesting because it allows us to spread our wings. We have already started preparations and we are sharing our ideas with each other,” says Mariam Kapanadze, finalist of Autumn Legend and student of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of TSU.

The prizes that all the finalists received before the winners are announced are special. Students and members of the jury were awarded a certificate of digital seedlings of a rare grape variety within the framework of the unique project “VVINE – Online Viticulture.” The purpose of the project is to restore endangered grape varieties on the territory of Georgia. A rare grape variety will be planted in the name of the participants of Autumn Legend, which will ensure their inclusion in digital viticulture.

The competition Autumn Legend is designed for those people who create prosaic works, who are willing to get experience in literature, get acquainted with the representatives of this sphere and unveil their works to Georgia. Students of all Georgian higher educational institutions are eligible to participate in the competition. The 2022 contestants represent different universities, and they have an opportunity to share their works with each other.

The winners of Autumn Legend 2022 will be announced in November. The works created in the improvisation round will be printed in a traditional, annual brochure and offered to the guests of the awards ceremony.