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TSU has up to 300 partners, among them universities and research centers, in 56 countries;


In 2015-2020, 256 projects were financed through a partnership with 106 universities of 26 European countries; in 2020-2022, 128  project applications were submitted through the Erasmus+ mobility program;


In 2015-2019, over 1500 TSU students and academic personnel participated in exchange programs offered by 26 European countries;


TSU is a leader according to these figures;


  • TSU is collaborating with 26 universities of 10 Asian countries;


  • TSU annually participates in Asia Science Camp in various Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.);


  • *TSU offers 24 foreign-language programs – BA, MA, PhD and one-step educational programs; 5 foreign-language programs are in the process of development;


  • *900 foreign nationals from 50 countries are currently studying at TSU.