TSU at 21st Tbilisi International Book Festival

From May 30 to June 12, TSU Publishing and the books released by Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University will be represented at the 21st Tbilisi International Book Festival. All interested persons will have an opportunity to buy our books at up to 60% off. A presentation of the book Suliko in the languages of the world peoples by Nino Popiashvili, Doctor of Philology, will also be held on the sideline of the event. The book involves discussions about translations of Suliko by Akaki Tsereteli. It contains about 100 translations made in over 20 languages, as well as photo, audio and video materials.

Address: A. Tsereteli Ave., 118, Expo Georgia, Pavilion 11, TSU stand

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