Rector’s Dissertation Contains No Plagiarized Text

Rector of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, George Sharvashidze responded to the allegations voiced in social networks against his dissertation paper, saying that figures, percentages and terms are used for manipulations. The Rector noted that this is not the first attempt of discrediting him. “Initially, they said that I have not defended any dissertation at all; then, they claimed that my doctoral diploma was not authentic. We have obtained a conclusion from the Quality Center according to which the dissertation was really defended on a topic regarding structural higher education reforms in Georgia and private higher education; moreover, I defended my dissertation in 2005 and not in 2003,” Rector Sharvashidze said. 

He also noted that Turnitin and Urkund, Internet-based plagiarism detection services, were used to check the submitted dissertation paper and identify plagiarism. “Turnitin identified 8% of plagiarism, simultaneously explaining the coincidences and indicating the sources; and Urkund showed zero coincidence. Several experts signed the conclusion. I do not know what our opponents mean when claiming a 34% coincidence. Simply, ask them about it,” Sharvashidze said. 

“So, whose rights were infringed? I mean the Parliament’s resolution, which was developed by the group led by me. The dissertation also mentions this group, each member of this group, but they are not mentioned in the scholium. No such obligation exists, because it is not compulsory in case of using the Parliament’s resolutions, as well as other legislative acts in the articles or dissertations. So, it is not plagiarism.” 

Sharvashidze also noted that there is not a single individual, whose copyright has been breached. “Still, I call on everyone, who believes that his/her copyright has been breached to apply to court. Legal dispute is the best solution to the problem,” he added. 


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