Finalists of Student Competition Mission 2019 at Hualing Tbilisi

On June 26, the company BasisBank showed the participants of the final round of student competition Mission 2019 around Hualing Tbilisi, acquainting them with the local infrastructure and the company’s future plans. The representatives of BasisBank briefed contestants on the bank’s history, action plan and implemented projects that will help students fulfill their final tasks. The finalists have been tasked to select the topics on supporting education on which long-term campaigns and activities will be planned.

“The today’s meeting proved interesting and motivating. Familiarization with the company’s history and values will help us develop our project. I think, this meeting was a good experience,” Magda Lomidze, student of the TSU Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, said.

TSU Student Competition in Marketing and PR is an annual project jointly implemented by TSU and a successful Georgian brand. This time, BasisBank is a partner company.

“We had a great desire to inform students on the nature of BasisBank, on those social responsibility projects, which we have been implementing for a decade. I hope that we have provided very interesting and useful information to students. We are looking forward to seeing their projects,” Tamar Khaduri, BasisBank’s PR manager noted.

PR and Marketing Communications Company GEPRA is the supporter of the competition Mission 2019.

“I believe that this meeting will be very fruitful and will help students put exact accents in order to correctly outline the company’s corporate responsibility. It will also promote the links between education sphere and business,” GEPRA PR consultant, Rusudan Ustiashvili noted.

51 teams from various faculties of the University took part in the student competition this year. The jury selected five best teams. Among the finalists of the 2019 competition, who are working on the tasks offered by the partner company in the second round are: INVENTA (Teimuraz Gochitashvili, Nensi Robakidze, Magda Lomidze); Canudos (Mariam Modebadze, Tamriko Nachkebia, Giorgi Gabitashvili); Pilozhu (Mariam Turdziladze, Tamta Piranishvili, Salome Talakvadze, Anna Katsadze, Mariam Takviashvili); 100% (Ana Megrelishvili, Elena Guliashvili, Maia Gabelia); Creative Thinkers (Ketevan Mdevadze, Kristine Butkhuzi, Ani Katsadze).

The jury will reveal three best teams, who will receive the prize money offered by the partner company: I place – GEL 2 500; II place – GEL 1 500; III place – GEL 1 000.

The Niko Nikoladze University Prize has been introduced as part of the competition, which will be handed over to the winning team.

The competition is being held for the seventh time this year. The goal of the competition is to promote the implementation of student ideas and their professional development, to ensure cooperation of winning students with partner companies and to increase future employment opportunities. The contestants have an opportunity to become the company’s virtual marketing and PR managers, to acquire practical project management skills and get new knowledge from experts. Moreover, a winning team will have an opportunity to implement own project jointly with the partner company.

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