International Law Moot Court Summer School

The International Law Institute of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) hosted a summer school on July 16-18, 2018. About 30 BA and MA students of TSU Departments of International Law and Law, as well as academic staff of the International Law Institute participated in the summer school.  

The summer school involved moot court rounds, thematic training sessions and scientific conference. The conference was held on July 17 - the Day of International Criminal Justice and it was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of adoption of the Rome Statute, the founding treaty of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Academician Levan Alexidze, director of the International Law Institute, Professor Ketevan Khutsishvili, director of the TSU Center of International Criminal Law and International Cooperation in Criminal Matters, Professor Irina Kurdadze of the International Law Institute and Associate Professor Ekaterine Siradze addressed the participants.

As part of the summer school, students got involved in moot court procedures of the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, and the International Criminal Court. The topics under discussion involved the issues of state responsibility, compensation for the harm, rights of indigenous peoples, crime of genocide, environmental obligation, etc. English and Georgian were the working languages for the summer school.

Academician Levan Alexidze acquainted the participants with the experience of the International Law Institute and its achievements in various international moot court competitions. Prof. Ketevan Khutsishvili shared her experience as the judge of various international moot courts and briefed them on the working environment of the Rome Conference and its results. Prof. Irina Kurdadze focused on the international and regional systems of protecting minority rights, as well as modern challenges at a national level. Associate Professor Ekaterine Siradze delivered training on the jurisdiction of the UN International Court of Justice and its major rulings.

Later the successful participants of the summer school will be divided into teams and represent TSU in international moot court competitions.
The International Law Institute regularly organizes thematic schools in various directions of international law and plans to further continue this practice in the future.


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