Draft Program of the Official Language Discussed at TSU

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University started discussions on the draft program of the official language. The unified program of the official language aims at protection, normalization and standardization of the constitutional status of the Georgian language; simultaneously, it aims at protection of the Abkhaz language and the languages of ethnic minorities living in Georgia. The draft program has been developed by the Department of the Official Language and TSU Rector George Sharvashidze, Head of the Department of the Official Language, Giorgi Alibegashvili, representatives of the Department, professors and students attended the discussions.

Head of the Department of the Official Language, Giorgi Alibegashvili noted that the program will promote strengthening and popularization of the official language. “This program will be the document of the official language, Georgian language, constitutional order. The document will give due consideration to all those requirements, which will promote strengthening of the official language,” Alibegashvili said.

TSU professor and linguist, Tinatin Bolkvadze said that Georgia had always been a multilingual country and the program reflects its historical and current multilingualism. “No new norms of the official language have been adopted since 1970. Georgian speech significantly differs from the norms used by Georgians 30 years ago. This program aims at maintaining the Georgian language, researching it and promoting other languages spread in Georgia. If implemented, the program will help protect Georgian and all other languages spoken in Georgia,” she said.

The unified program of the official language should ensure comprehensive functioning of the Georgian language in all spheres of public life; increase its role as a unifier of Georgian population; ensure protection, development, technological support and fundamental research of the Georgian language on the entire territory of Georgia, as well as of the Abkhaz language along with the Georgian language on the territory of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia. In addition, all conditions should be created to maintain Kartvelian linguistic diversity and to support Georgia’s linguistic minorities in learning and developing their own languages.

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