TSU Envoy 2017 Project Launched

TSU Envoy is the project implemented by TSU Junior and it aims to enable BA, MA and PhD students to hold acquaintance meetings about the university at their native schools.
The project has already reached five years of implementation and this year it enjoys special support from the Rector’s Office and administration.
Longtime experience of the project’s successful implementation has demonstrated the significance of TSU Envoy for rational selection of profession and understanding the importance of higher education by school pupils.

In 2017, the project will be implemented in a different format. During previous years, students involved in the project could return to their schools in February to hold presentations there. In frames of TSU Envoy 2017, the participants will be able to plan various activities at their native schools throughout the year. For example:
    To hold open door days
    To hold information meetings
    To organize joint conferences, quizzes, essay contests and so on between the university and public schools.

Interested persons need to undergo electronic registration from January 10 through February 10.



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