International Scientific Conference “Cross-Cultural Studies: Emic-Etic Correlation in Research and Teaching”

An international conference “Cross-Cultural Studies: Emic-Etic Correlation in Research and Teaching” will be held on September 9-10. The conference will be organized by the Institute of Ethnology at the TSU Faculty of Humanities and the Association of Anthropologists of Georgia. Cross-cultural research as a scientific method of comparative research focuses on systematic comparisons that compares culture to culture and explicitly aims to answer questions about the cultural variation. The workshop aims to discuss the patterns and sources of coherence in the practices, beliefs, social roles, norms and forms of organization in human communities. 15 representatives of seven scientific centers of Georgia, Japan and Germany (TSU, Ilia State University, Technical University, University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Kobe University, Centre for East European and International Studies) will participate in the conference.


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