Conference Dedicated to 100th Anniversary of Discovery of Bacteriophages

On June 26, at 3 pm, a conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the discovery of bacteriophages will be opened at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Aleksandre Jejelava, French Ambassador to Georgia, Pascal Meunier, foreign diplomats, representatives of NGOs, professors and students will attend the event.

The conference aims to discuss the key directions of bacteriophage research, mechanisms of phage-bacteria interactions, ecological and evolutionary aspects of bacteriophages.  About 100 delegates from 25 countries will attend the conference. The participants will focus on the importance and possibilities of therapeutic, industrial and biotechnological application of bacteriophages.

A two-day summer school will also be organized as part of the conference. It aims at acquainting students and young researchers with the structure of bacteriophages, their role in the environment and potential of their application, as well as modern methods of bacteriophage research. Lectures will be delivered by field specialists from England, Canada, Belgium and Georgia.

Address: I. Chavchavadze Ave., 1, TSU, 1st Building, conference hall foyer
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