Project Title: Project Actors Capacity Training in Caucasus
Project Number: 544047-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-GE-TEMPUS-JPGR
Duration: 24 months, 2013-2015
Coordinator: David Tvildiani Medical University
Euro grant: 516.206,52

Project Partners: die Berater" Unternehemensberatung GmbH (Austria), Fachhochschule Burgenland Ges.m.n.H.( Austria), Społeczna Akademia Nauk (Poland), University College Capital (Denmark), European University Continuing Education Network (Belgium), Gavar State University(Armenia), Yerewan State University (Armenia), Baku State University (Azerbaijan), University of Georgia (Georgia), Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Georgia), Khazar University (Azerbaijan), Gori State Teaching University (Georgia), Ilia State University (Georgia).

Project Goals: The main aim of the project PACT is to successfully transfer existing knowledge accumulated by the European Commission for project developers to the Caucasus Region and contribute to capacity building and international relations in Caucasus universities.

The specific objectives of PACT are:
  • Develop a curriculum for a 6-month project development training for young researchers, lecturers, international liaison officers and PhD students;
  • Implement a 6-month project development training programme in Caucasus universities for young researchers, lecturers, international liaison officers and PhD students
  • Provide an open-access platform with project development support tools in local languages for Caucasus universities (AZ, HY, KA)
  • Provide a mentoring system for young researchers, lecturers, PhD students and international liaison officers between EU and Caucasus universities.

The activities will lead to main Outputs:
  • Implementation of the PACT face-to-face trainings with 30-55 members of the target group in 6 face-to-face sessions with participant lists and evaluation methods.
  • Implementation of the PACT online training with 30-55 members of the target group in 12 online sessions with participant lists, forum posts, participation in polls, and evaluation methods.
  • Published handbook with ISBN No., distributed to libraries and networks.
  • Mentoring Experience Report, evaluation of mentoring experience with interviews by evaluator.
  • Online support tools, measurable in availability / access / download rates.

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