The Library at the Portuguese Language Centre (TSU Building II, room 203) is officially open.
You are very welcome to come visit us and borrow books!

In our library we have over 300 books, CD and DVD, both in Portuguese and English, written by and over authors from Portuguese speaking countries.
We organize the library in the following fields:
a) Art
b) Culture
c) Didactic
d) Grammar
f) History
g) Literature

In our CATALOGUE (download it here: Library) you can search books by title (excluding article), author, field, year, publisher, ISBN and language (under Observations). You will also find a CD and DVD list (see bottom of the page).

1. To borrow a book you need to come to the library, fill in an information sheet and bring an ID/Passport/Student ID (so we can photocopy it for our archive) at least the first time you borrow a book.
2. You can borrow up to 5 books at the time
3. You can keep each book for up to 15 days
4. If you wish to keep the book for longer (and no one else has requested it meanwhile), you can simply renew the request by e-mail or telephone
5. If you find a book in the catalogue that is not available, you can make a reservation and in maximum 15 days it should be available. You will be informed by e-mail when the book is back in the library

Contacts: see contacts of the Portuguese Language Centre.

The books in our library have been sponsored by the Camões I.P./Portuguese Government or offered by the Brazilian Embassy in Tbilisi (in the case of Brazilian authors).

If you would be interested in participating in a Debate Club, Conversation Group or Book Club, let us know!
We also offer Conferences and Workshops in English on a monthly basis. They are free and everyone is welcome. Please check our facebook page or blog for updates (see contacts).