The “Best Portuguese Student at TSU Award” is to be attributed to one Portuguese Language student at TSU per year, chosen by his/her excellent performance, dedication and grades.

The award consists of:
• a scholarship for a Portuguese Language Summer Course in Lisbon (500 Euros), to be awarded by the Camões, Instituto da Língua e da Cooperação, IP.
• a return trip (Tbilisi – Lisbon – Tbilisi), to be financed by TSU.

Every student of a Portuguese Language Course at TSU can apply to receive the award, namely students from:
• Credited Portuguese Language Courses (5 ECTS) for students of the Faculty of Humanities of TSU
• Public Portuguese Language Courses, created in partnership with the TSU Lifelong Learning Centre
• Free Portuguese Language Courses, when still provided by the Portuguese Language Centre

How to apply:
The students who are interested in applying for the Award are to present a Motivation Letter to the Director of the Portuguese Language Centre by e-mail  (specific deadline to be announced annually).

Selection criteria:
In the selection criteria, the committee will take into consideration the level of language acquisition of each student (i.e. the level of the course he/she attends or attended)
- Grades
- Participation in class and cultural activities of the Language Center
- Interview
- Motivation for applying

Natia Bregvadze won our BEST STUDENT AWARD in 2015, and spent a month in Lisbon, studying Portuguese with a scholarship granted by the Camões Institute.
She wrote about it in her blog:
"It has been one splendid month I spent in Lisbon. Every day of it was worth it. Beautiful atmosphere, nice people, possibility of visiting a lot of cultural places, sun and the calm pace of living – more than enough for immaterial happiness.
We will meet again.
Até já Lisboa!"

Ani Gurulishvili won our BEST STUDENT AWARD in 2016, and spent a month in Lisbon, studying Portuguese with a scholarship granted by the Camões Institute.
She wrote A Love Letter to Portugal in her blog, where she described her Portuguese experience:
“I remember the first glance when I saw Lisboa from above, the beautiful ocean and small beautiful red roof-topped buildings all together, I already knew that the adventure of a lifetime has finally begun.”

Mari Lomsadze - BEST STUDENT AWARD in 2017.
Mari Davadze - BEST STUDENT AWARD in 2018.
Atina Sikharulidze - BEST STUDENT AWARD in 2019.

Each academic year, the Center organizes official cultural activities, sponsored by the Camões Institute. The activities can range from Festivals, to Concerts, Fairs, Exhibitions, Colloquia, etc. They can be organized independently or in connection with the Exhibitions and Festivals (cinema, theatre, gastronomy, literature and book fairs, etc.) that already take place in Tbilisi or are planned in future.

Since 2014, the Centre offers a series of Conferences/Workshops in English titled "Portuguese and Brazilian Culture for Beginners" on a monthly basis, throughout the academic year, at the Portuguese Language Center at TSU. The lectures are open to anyone who wishes to know a bit more about Portugal and Brazils traditions, music, literature, society, cultural heritage, etc.

To learn more and keep updated on the cultural activities and the conferences/workshops, please see News, or regularly check our facebook page ( and blog (