We are currently accepting the documents of the foreign university entrants (the diplomas/certificates of graduation from secondary school/college and its Georgian notary certified translation; the copy of passport and its notary certified Georgian translation).

At first thank you for taking an interest in our university.  Our university has 5 years experience of working with foreign students. Faculty of medicine has one-step educational program in specialty of medicine for foreign students.We dont have any other  specialties in English language like Dentistry or Pharmacy,  but we are planning to have Dentistry from 2017-2018 Autumn semester. We are planning to enroll new students from 2018-2019 teaching year, but we are ready to enlist students who want to transfer in our University. Precondition (Biology, Chemistry and English language courses studied at school) It will be better to contact us  as quickly as it is possible as Ministry of Education needs approximately 3 weeks to discuss their documents.

 As it is state University we can’t give you exclusive contract without any experience of collaboration between you and our University. But if we have effective cooperation during one or two teaching years University will study the question of exclusive contract.


1. University entrant person should have high school/secondary school diploma.

2.  We dont have any preparatory courses or pre-medical college.

3.  Language of instruction is English.

4.  Tuition fees:  annually 5000$ 

5.  We dont provide foreign students with dormitory. 


To get further information you can contact to our collaborator who is coordinator of foreign students in our faculty. (contact information: email. Tamar.enukidze@tsu.ge mobile phone: 577 533 862)


For additional information contact us :

Tel: +995 32 2 253971, +995 32 2250484 ( Learning Process Management Department, TSU. Address: #1 I. Chavchavadze Ave., I Block, TSU, Halls #111 and 120);

Tel: +995 577 533 862 ( Administration of Faculty of Medicine, TSU. Address: 78 Beliashvili Str. Block of Institute of Morphology, TSU, 3rd floor, room #9).